Edward and Eliza and the Smashing of the Van

The year is 1867. British Army veteran Edward Brett and his Irish wife, Eliza, are struggling to raise their children and make a living from a small shop in Macclesfield. An event occurs which will have a profound effect on their lives.

Edward’s brother, Police Sergeant Charles Brett is transporting two Irish republican prisoners across Manchester when the van is attacked by a large group of men intent on freeing them. During the melee, Charles is shot and killed. A huge upsurge of anti-Irish feeling follows across the country and a few months later three Irishmen – Allen, Larkin and O’Brien - are convicted of murder and publicly hanged.

Edward and Eliza is a moving and dramatic account of the profound personal consequences for the couple. Their marriage is thrown into crisis. They struggle to cope with their loss, their loyalty to each other and their different racial backgrounds at a time of national political ferment.

Written to coincide with the 150th anniversary of real events, it is a memorable story to be enjoyed by all, with themes still very relevant today.

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