Puppet Animation Scotland presents Sleeping Beauty

Colette Garrigan presents a personal and unexpected version of the fairy tale Briar Rose with this puppetry and shadow theatre show.

Alone on stage and helped only by everyday objects, artist and puppeteer Colette Garrigan creates a poetic universe to dream up the story of a modern day princess. Far from the fairy tale castle, the scene takes place in Liverpool, the hometown of Garrigan. We are in a kingdom devastated by unemployment and famine, where you are better off in a gang than alone and where the spindle has been replaced by the needle.

With an imaginative staging of lights and oversized shadows, the artist invites the audience to enter her unique world where forks become threatening trees; a toast rack creates the large alley of a tempting mall… Garrigan’s writing integrates her adopted French language to her mother tongue and produces a one-woman show for grown-ups tinted with black humour, ‘so British’.

Born in Liverpool, Colette Garrigan studied puppetry in France at the International Puppetry Centre in Charleville-Mézières before settling down on the Réunion Island. That is where she created her company Akselere in 1999 with which she has already produced seven different shows. Now based in Normandy, Garrigan and the company Akselere brings Sleeping Beauty to this year’s Manipulate Festival and to Dumfries and Galloway via the Arts Live programme.

Closer to Ken Loach than to the sugary fairy tale” - Télérama

Tickets £12, £7 Under 26

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Start Time: 7:30pm